A hand made bespoke splash back need not cost the earth!

The Tree of Life was the first in our range of embossed glass splashback designs, and is still one of our most popular. It not only looks amazing, but is cost effective too with our float glass panels starting at just £350 including delivery, making a unique handmade splashback affordable for many.

Float glass is clear, with a slight green tinge when viewed on the edge, so care needs to be taken with sticking it to the wall. After much experimentation  we have developed a “rough icing” look for the clear silicone on a panel rather than trying to get it absolutely smooth, (which is nigh on impossible over a large area!) giving a pleasing effect which compliments the design, especially on a vibrant painted background.

Alternatively we can spray a border on the back of the panel which hides the silicone, and gives a “frame effect” to the splashback.

These splashbacks are made using an art glass technique known as “kiln carving”. A pattern is hand carved into ceramic fibre paper which is placed in the kiln. Transparent sheet glass is laid on top, then heated to over 800 degrees centigrade. As the glass softens it takes up the shape of the carved pattern, creating a subtle textured design, whilst the panel remains smooth on top, so easy to clean.

Now available in coloured art glass too

Using the same technique, we can offer embossed splashbacks in a full range of over 40 transparent colours and various designs, pictorial, abstract or geometric. It also suits the addition of words really well.

For a full details of colours and designs available, and for costs use our contact form here






Handmade Embossed Glass Splashback unique meadow design
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