Glass Splashback Commissions

Looking for something truly unique? Do you have an idea you would like us to create in glass for your new kitchen?

Commissioning us is a simple process, and can be done anywhere in the UK.

Read below for a behind the scenes account of a few of our memorable commissions


Bespoke Handmade Sunrise Glass Splashback
Handmade Bespoke Sunrise Splashback with reclaimed Glass worktop
Handmade Bespoke Orange Sunrise Glass Splashback with motto "I Watch for the Sunrise"

Kate was looking for something very different for her new kitchen from Cotswold Kitchens in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. A student of Stroud College, she had some experience herself of stained glass and fusing, but lacked the experience to create a large piece of work, so we were invited to make it for her!

Kate knew exactly what she wanted, and had already chosen the glass before meeting Liz for the  first design consultation.   Liz’s job was to pull together Kate’s ideas into a workable design, to fit the space available and make it practical as well as beautiful.

When we installed it 2 weeks later, it all made sense.. Cotswold Kitchen’s recycled glass worktop in burnt orange, the beautiful granite with brown/orange veining, and most of all the stunning view across the valley where the sun truly could be watched rising through the full length windows of the green wood extension… our splashback was the piece that pulled the whole concept together, the cherry on the top of the most stunning project, worthy of any Homes and Gardens set!


Red Mullet and Mussels

Handmade glass splashback with red mullet and mussels

When Laura and Paul invited Liz to create a splashback for their brand new kitchen, we don’t think any of us had any idea we would end up with Red Mullet and Mussels as a theme!

Unfortunately we were so excited by the result, we forgot to clear the decks before taking some photos! I’m hoping to get back there soon to take some new ones! Until then please excuse the marigolds and poor quality of image!

Red Mullet Splashback

Red Mullet Glass Hob Splashback

Laura and Paul’s 2 splash-backs took around a month from our first meeting to installation. Laura was quite specific, she wanted big, bold and lots of red! Paul wasn’t so sure about the first ideas, his valuable input was to find an artist he really liked, and felt was “kitchen-y”.. Liz’ role was to add just the right amount of red to satisfy Laura, whilst making sure it didn’t totally overpower their kitchen…

Butterflies abound! 

Kate and Ben were looking for a glass splashback.  They had seen “off the shelf” painted glass, but had been disappointed by the cost (they had been quoted £2000 for the whole- small- kitchen!) As they will hopefully be “trading up” in the next few years they really didn’t want to spend that much on cladding the walls, …

Happily they ran into Liz who suggested an alternative! A bespoke handmade work of art, designed so they CAN take it with them when they move! Much cheaper and a whole universe  away for a factory produced slab!

Recently commissioned piece. We were really pleased with it, and our customer was delighted!

Field of Flowers Commissioned Splashback

Bespoke Handmade Glass Splashback
The Meadow - Glass Splashback in Plum

Butterfly Detail

Butterfly Glass Splashback Detail

Costs for Commissioned Splash Backs

Offering a price guide for bespoke commissioned pieces is a little difficult, the cost of raw glass varies considerably dependent on colour (some reds for example contain real gold, so costs much more!) obviously the size of panel/panels required, and complexity of design, but as a guide, a unique fully commissioned panel can cost as little as £750, and as much as £6000, with an average fully commissioned piece (9oomm wide)  being roughly  £1500. We are also happy to work to a budget if required.

Following a design consultation, and preparing any test pieces that may be required, we can then provide a fully scoped quotation, which may also include installation if required.

Please note that we are able to produce splashbacks in wider widths and heights, but please make sure your walls are level as glass doesn’t bend! A better solution is often to make a large panel as a tryptic (3 panels which fit together) which can allow for fluctuations in the wall. This is just one of the points we take into consideration when designing your panels, and where our experience can make a difference.

If you would like to own a unique work of art, and make a real statement in your kitchen or bathroom, please just get in touch