CityScape Panel in Glass

CityScape in Glass

Sometimes I sit down with my glass box and ideas come in a flash, sometimes I see an image which grabs me, but then takes months to “happen”. This is one of the latter! The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a resemblance to the painted cityscape I did about a month ago.. that’s how my pieces develop.

It was a hybrid of ideas from 2 diverse directions.. one vibrant and impact-full acrylic painting I saw for sale on line, and then a cheap and cheerful black and white “canvass” B&Q had for sale. How would have thought eh? 🙂

I chose to use a tint for the ground glass, rather than a clear. The usual bubbles in this case have an unusual shape in the “sky”, this is just one of the quirks of fusing.. not something you can plan for, but a happy accident when it happens.

I love using copper and brass…. using borax on the metals means you can get different colours, deep reds and oranges, and patina brass to bright gold, this panel was fused at a lower temperature, meaning that the blossom on the trees at ground level give texture and depth to the panel.

I really love how it turned out,and I can see  small production line coming out of this! And like all of my pieces, this could easily be adapted to make a colourful and striking splash back in a kitchen!


fused glass panel detail- bras inclusions fused glass panel detailfused glass panel detail-