This new build house in Bideford has a great kitchen, (gone are the days when a new house had a double wall unit, a base, a sink and a broom cupboard!!) but the builders left it without a soul by installing a cold stainless steel splashback behind the hob. 

Luckily the new owner found us, and asked us to bring life back into the kitchen! Unusually we were working with a lady with a good knowledge of art glass, which made my job as the designer  and glass maker both exiting and a little bit scary! Joy (what a brilliant name for such a full of life lady!!) has been collecting art glass for a while, and owns some lovely pieces.. so armed with a clear idea of what she liked, and the colours she loved, I set to to create a version of the Tree of Life just for her!

On installation day I don't know who was more excited/worried, me or the client! But, as often happens when two people just gel, when I introduced the panel to the wall, they seemed to like each other, and Joy and I LOVED it.

So, another good day for Glassification. :)


Bespoke, hand made Tree of Life glass splashback in turquoise and orange, in a white kitchen Tree of Life handmade bespoke glass splashback detail with orange and turquoise Tree of Life glass splashback detail- turquoise and orange leaves