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What a reaction!

Handmade bespoke glass splashback in turquoise, cream and silver

We are used to lovely reactions to our glass splashbacks when we install, but this week might have won the prize… a big fat smacker of a kiss!

Interestingly though, it wasn’t the only “reaction”, as that’s also what the splashbacks are.. the effects are all due to different glasses reacting both with each other and ┬áthe pure silver foil used (in the centre of the “wave” as well as a few “wisps”). Although you can pick up dark greens, browns and yellows, none of the colours were in fact used, but they have been created by the different minerals and metals in the different elements reacting with each other. This effect is both expected, and unpredictable at the same time, making it a choice for the brave or adventurous customer !

This design has been one of Liz’s favourites for a while, but it’s only this week that she has had a chance to create one for a customer.. so this week has been a good week!