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Tree of Life clear glass splash back- unique kitchen art work!

Hot from the kiln, the first of my “stock” splash back designs.


I know it takes a brave heart to go down the root of commissioning a one off highly decorative piece of wall art for a kitchen, so sea are developing a range which is unique, flexible and also AFFORDABLE.

These splashbacks are made from 6mm window glass, heated to a very high temperature in the kiln, which allows them to take on the form of designs created in a special lining beneath.. this technique is called kiln carving, and the results can be spectacular!!

As each splash back is made to order, we can make them to fit any space to the last millimetre.  They can be fixed to the wall easily with silicone, or screwed to the wall using mirror screws, which gives the added advantage of being able to re-paint behind the panel and change the look completely.

These panels start at just £245.

If you’d like a sample, just contact us.