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Another happy customer !

Handmade Glastonbury Thorn Glass Splashback. Bespoke commissioned splash back in kiln carved transparent art glass.

Although Christmas production is full on in the Glassification workshop (we’re referring to it as Santa’s Workshop, Ilton Branch!) we still managed to fit in an installation of a splashback for our customer in Warwickshire.. once the kitchen installers are finished we hope to pop up again and get a good photo of the whole room in all it’s magnificence!

Handmade Glastonbury Thorn Glass Splashback. Bespoke commissioned splash back in kiln carved transparent art glass.

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Huge success at Grand Designs Live!

Poppy Field Handmade Glass Splash back

So a great time was had at Grand Designs, sharing a stand with Austin Matthew Design (a daily run kitchen studio near Stratford) and Aga. And our splash back display got a lot of positive attention!

They are now up for sale at a bargain price of just £200 a panel. We can trim them down slightly if required (currently approximately 975 wide x 600 mm at highest point) or even make more panels to match if you have a bigger space. If you’re interested,  contact us NOW before it’s too late!


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Our latest glass splash back commission is unveiled!

Hand made bespoke glass splashback Tree of Life in Meadow

After many months of waiting, finally we were ready to install the 3 panel tryptic to it’s pride of place in the heart of a lovely family kitchen… This was particularly heartwarming, as the customer was one of the many families devastated by flooding on the Somerset Levels this winter.

After many months living in a caravan, they have finally moved in, although there are a few jobs still to be done, but as they said, at least they have some space now… their new kitchen is about the same size as the whole trailer!

So great news for them, but there are many families still waiting to return to their homes.. lets hope they all get home soon

.DSC_3338 DSC_3337 Glass splash back Tree of Life in Meadow



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Austin Matthews Design, our latest retailer!

Tree of life clear glass splashback behind Aga

Austin Matthews Design has become the latest retailer of our splashbacks.

Nestling in  beautiful countryside close to Stratford on Avon, Austin Matthews is a family run kitchen studio, specialising in quality handmade designs.  And their lovely showroom no has a new addition, a clear glass Tree of Life, specially designed for their particular space.

Whilst it wasn’t the easiest install we have ever done (understatement of the year!) we got there in the end, and now it certainly looks the part behind the Aga!

And we are very excited about collaborating with the guys at Austin Matthews, and Aga in the coming months.. just watch this space!

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Glass – a nightmare to photograph!

stained glass panel


OK, I admit  it, leading is not my favourite technique of working with glass.. but combine it with fusing and the result can be quite pleasing.. but WHAT a nightmare it is to photograph!!

I suppose it doesn’t help that I only have a compact camera, but even so, even professional photographers with all their experience and paraphenalia can rarely capture the depth and vibrancy of glass. it just really needs to be seen in the flesh!

So this panel is made up of three fused pieces.. I have “jelly fused” the glass, (basically a slightly cooler firing in the kiln) which keeps a lot of the texture of the glass.. it’s one of those pieces you just want to keep stroking…





Seascape Stained Glass Panel-back 30x 30 cms 


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Tree of Life clear glass splash back- unique kitchen art work!

Hot from the kiln, the first of my “stock” splash back designs.


I know it takes a brave heart to go down the root of commissioning a one off highly decorative piece of wall art for a kitchen, so sea are developing a range which is unique, flexible and also AFFORDABLE.

These splashbacks are made from 6mm window glass, heated to a very high temperature in the kiln, which allows them to take on the form of designs created in a special lining beneath.. this technique is called kiln carving, and the results can be spectacular!!

As each splash back is made to order, we can make them to fit any space to the last millimetre.  They can be fixed to the wall easily with silicone, or screwed to the wall using mirror screws, which gives the added advantage of being able to re-paint behind the panel and change the look completely.

These panels start at just £245.

If you’d like a sample, just contact us.


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CityScape Panel in Glass

CityScape in Glass

Sometimes I sit down with my glass box and ideas come in a flash, sometimes I see an image which grabs me, but then takes months to “happen”. This is one of the latter! The eagle eyed amongst you will notice a resemblance to the painted cityscape I did about a month ago.. that’s how my pieces develop.

It was a hybrid of ideas from 2 diverse directions.. one vibrant and impact-full acrylic painting I saw for sale on line, and then a cheap and cheerful black and white “canvass” B&Q had for sale. How would have thought eh? 🙂

I chose to use a tint for the ground glass, rather than a clear. The usual bubbles in this case have an unusual shape in the “sky”, this is just one of the quirks of fusing.. not something you can plan for, but a happy accident when it happens.

I love using copper and brass…. using borax on the metals means you can get different colours, deep reds and oranges, and patina brass to bright gold, this panel was fused at a lower temperature, meaning that the blossom on the trees at ground level give texture and depth to the panel.

I really love how it turned out,and I can see  small production line coming out of this! And like all of my pieces, this could easily be adapted to make a colourful and striking splash back in a kitchen!


fused glass panel detail- bras inclusions

fused glass panel detailfused glass panel detail-


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Glass curtains anyone?

What happens if you replace lace with glass? Who said a cafe curtain had to be made of material anyway?
What happens if you replace lace with glass? Who said a cafe curtain had to be made of material anyway?

When I told people I was going to make a glass curtain, I was met with some very funny looks!

But why not? I mean, many people make light catchers, (long slim pendants of coloured glass designed to be hung in windows) and I have also seen fused glass “bunting”! So for me it seemed a natural next step to create large panels that could be hung from a curtain rod in place of a lace pelmet!

I fused together “ribbons” of different coloured glass, in a relatively random pattern. And I love them!

What do you think?

If you would like some yourself, get in touch! Each panels is around 250mm wide 400 deep, and depending on design quantity and glass used, they would cost from £35 a panel.